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2023 Charitable Giving Breakdown

The 2023 sailing of the High Seas Rally resulted in a phenomenal fundraising event for the High Seas Rally Dialysis Fund. A total of $284,094 was raised onboard the 2023 sailing, and after deducting prize money paid to our winners, a total of $192,099 will be distributed to charity. $50,000 will be distributed to kidney/dialysis charities in communities where our 2023 Dialysis Guests live, and $39,725 raised on Salute to Service Day and through the auction will be distributed to Wounded Warrior Project, the remaining funds will be held by the High Seas Rally Dialysis Fund to fund the 2024 program.

A Detailed Breakdown Follows:

The generosity of the High Seas Rally community is extraordinary, and will help change the lives of many deserving individuals. The High Seas Rally Dialysis Fund extends a heartfelt thanks to everyone who donated or otherwise participated in the fundraising activities for High Seas Rally 2023!

Thank you,

ECP Cares Inc.

ECP Cares Inc., d/b/a High Seas Rally Dialysis Fund, is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Federal Tax ID Number 84-4938374.

Please Note: High Seas Rally Dialysis Fund has no employees, contractors, etc., and pays no salaries or other forms of compensation to anyone. 100% of net funds raised in 2023 will be distributed to charity, or used to fund the 2024 High Seas Rally program.