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Dave Perewitz: The King of Flames

High Seas Rally is excited to have father/daughter duo Dave and Jody Perewitz joining us on the 2022 sailing! They are the powerhouses behind the Perewitz brand.

Onboard, Dave will bring his passion and knowledge as one of the original custom builders to the stage for various events throughout the week.

Jody, as a record holding motorcyclist, expert painter, and the one taking the reins of the family business, will be talking about all things speed, what she learned from her Dad, what she sees for the future of the Perewitz brand, and more.

Learn more about Dave in the article below.

Dave Nichols Chats with Dave Perewitz for Classic Easyriders Magazine

Dave Perewitz
Photo Credit: Classic Easyriders

When it comes to true master custom bike builders, the old guard of original custom builders are few and far between. I’m talkin’ about the guys who started the whole chopper craze.

When you think about the top three master bike builders of the old guard of fabricators, only three men tick all the boxes to be named the best of the best. Those three intrepid bike builders are the late Arlen Ness, Donnie Smith, and Dave Perewitz.

The noble originator of “the Look” of what a chopper should be is Dave Perewitz of Halifax, Massachusetts. Continue Reading.