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High Seas Rally Dialysis Fund Round Up

We are less than 40 days away from setting sail on High Seas Rally 2023! Not only do we have a good time onboard, but we also raise tons of money for charity!

The History

For over 20 years, High Seas Rally has been raising money to support those in need of dialysis treatment. Prior to 2019, Debbie’s Dialysis Fund was the supporting dialysis charity for many years. Debbie’s Dialysis Fund partnered with Dialysis at Sea to provide treatment to dialysis guests onboard High Seas Rally. In 2019, High Seas Rally was purchased by Entertainment Cruise Productions (ECP). Due to non-profit registration rules, the transfer of Debbie’s Dialysis Fund to ECP was prevented. To continue the charitable efforts of Debbie’s Dialysis Fund, ECP Executive Directors, Chris Hearing and Greg Laubach, formed ECP Cares, Inc. Beginning in 2020, High Seas Rally continued to support the mission of Debbie’s Dialysis Fund under the name, High Seas Rally Dialysis Fund. High Seas Rally Dialysis Fund was formed as a DBA of ECP Cares, Inc., a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation. 100% of the money raised for the Dialysis Fund goes to the Dialysis Fund; there are no administrative fees, commissions or marketing fees paid to anyone.

The Legacy Continues

Over the years, whether money was raised through Debbie’s Dialysis Fund or High Seas Rally Dialysis Fund, the mission and goal are the same. To provide those that are in need of dialysis treatment the freedom to explore and visit some of the most exotic destinations once thought impossible. 

The Legacy Continues

We are dedicated to carrying on the legacy of supporting dialysis patients. High Seas Rally Dialysis Fund provides dialysis guests with an all-expense paid vacation as well as dialysis treatment on our sailings. High Seas Rally Dialysis Fund continues to partner with Dialysis at Sea who specialize in the treatment of hemodialysis care while onboard cruise ships, to provide dialysis guests plus their companion an all-expenses-paid vacation as well as dialysis treatment on the sailing.  

How do we raise money for High Seas Rally Dialysis Fund?

High Seas Rally has a long and storied history of events to have a good time for a great cause! Over the years, more than $3 million has been raised through High Seas Rally‘s raffles, contests and auctions to provide dialysis patients and their caregivers with all-expenses-paid vacations of a lifetime. Our auctions, raffles, and interactive contests & games have been a blast to watch and be part of. Guests can compete to win cash, prizes and major bragging rights while supporting a great cause! The generosity of the High Seas Rally community is extraordinary and has helped change the lives of many deserving individuals.

High Seas Rally Dialysis Fund Advocates

High Seas Rally Dialysis Fund is lucky to have two passionate spokesmen raising awareness on its behalf, Mike “Too Tall” Reed and Geoff Bodine. 

Geoff Bodine

Geoff Bodine is a retired American motorsport driver and bobsled builder. He is best known for his legendary NASCAR Winston Cup career. Bodine is also a big supporter of the High Seas Rally Dialysis Fund. He has been sailing with the High Seas Rally for the past 11 years. Geoff spends time on the ship with all of the dialysis guests and hosts events to raise money during the sailing.

Mike Reed

Mike Reed, also known as “Too Tall,” is a motorcycle enthusiast and kidney disease survivor. He is a vocal supporter of the High Seas Rally Dialysis Fund. Mike was diagnosed with kidney disease and had to start dialysis treatments a few years later. He was devastated by the news, but he was determined to stay positive and continue living his life to the fullest. A few years ago, Reed had the opportunity to participate in the High Seas Rally as a guest of the dialysis fund. The experience was life-changing for him. He was able to connect with other motorcycle riders who were also living with kidney disease, and he felt a sense of community and support that he had never felt before. He is now an ambassador for the High Seas Rally Dialysis Fund. He speaks out about the importance of the fund and encourages others to support its mission. He also participates in fundraising events and helps to raise awareness for kidney disease. His support for the High Seas Rally Dialysis Fund is invaluable. He is a role model for other people with kidney disease, and he helps to make a difference in the lives of many people.

Additional Ways to Benefit High Seas Rally Dialysis Fund

We were excited to bring the fundraising on land last year for the first time ever! High Seas Rally Dialysis Fund was proud to announce the first ever High Seas Rally Dialysis Fund Charity Motorcycle Raffle! We teamed up with Paul Yaffe of Bagger Nation and Dave Perewitz who worked their magic on a customized motorcycle to be raffled off to one lucky winner! Everyone was invited to participate in the High Seas Rally Dialysis Fund Charity Motorcycle Raffle. All proceeds generated by the raffle ticket sales would directly benefit the High Seas Rally Dialysis Fund. 

2022 SRT Harley Davidson Glide FLTRXST

Last year’s prize was a 2022 SRT Harley Davidson Road Glide FLTRXST customized by Paul Yaffe and Dave Perewitz. This motorcycle is based on Paul Yaffe’s Bagger Nation SRT Platform with the wide performance front tire kit and Klock Werks Flare Windshield. This custom motorcycle has a 117 motor and has been completely tricked out with Bagger Nation Accessories including:

  • Stretch tank
  • Wide performance front tire kit
  • Monkey bars
  • Bagger Nation controls
  • Stretch bags
  • Stretch rear fenders
  • Stretch side covers
  • Custom seat
  • Bagger Nation exhaust

We also cannot forget the stunning Dave Perewitz tangerine orange flame paint job! We will drew the winner on November 9th, 2023. Thanks to everyone who participated!

High Seas Rally Dialysis Fund – 2023 Guests

Last year onboard High Seas Rally, $155,000 was raised for the High Seas Rally Dialysis Fund. The money that was raised last year will provide an all-expenses paid vacation for our 2023 dialysis guests, as well as daily dialysis treatment from Dialysis at Sea. Money raised in excess of the 2023 costs was donated directly to local kidney charities in the hometowns of out 2022 guests. For our dialysis guests, this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. It is often impossible to get necessary dialysis treatment while on vacation, let alone on a cruise ship at sea. The 2023 dialysis guests would not have been able to come onboard if it wasn’t for the generosity of our High Seas Rally community. You have helped change the lives of many deserving individuals! 

High Seas Rally Dialysis Fund

 This year, High Seas Rally Dialysis Fund selected the following dialysis guests. These guests and one companion will experience an all-expenses-paid vacation of a lifetime!

  • Dennis P. from Shreveport, Louisiana
  • Bryan L. from Milton, Florida
  • Kevin S. from Pine Grove, Pennsylvania
  • Michelle S. from Sadieville, Kentucky
  • Jeffrey H. from Coos Bay, Oregon
  • Blake S. from Zephyrhills, Florida
  • Jeffrey B. from Browns Mills, New Jersey
  • Steven S. from Palmetto, Florida
  • Vernon I. from Galion, Ohio
  • Stacy N. from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Regrettably, Jeffrey B., who was previously announced as a dialysis guest, will no longer be able to join us on High Seas Rally 2023 and we ask everyone to send positive and healing thoughts his way. We caught up with some of the 2023 guests to see what they’re most looking forward to for the cruise this year. Here are their responses:   What excites you the most about sailing on High Seas Rally? Being able to participate again in something that had been part of my life, before dialysis. The fact that it is a motorcycle rally on a ship is great also! Some of my best memories are from riding my motorcycle. – Dennis P. Personally speaking, what does it mean to you to be selected as a High Seas Rally Dialysis Fund guest? Gives me an opportunity to enjoy my vacation. Most times I’m driving 45 minutes to an hour to and from for a 4-hour treatment. A whole day is shot x3. This gives me a chance to enjoy the entire week of a rally. – Kevin S. What was your initial reaction when you were informed that you were selected as a High Seas Rally Dialysis Fund guest? I was in shock, but Larry (my husband) was yelling YAHOO in the background and jumping up and down, trust me, it was a sight to behold! – Michelle S.   It was like winning the Lottery, we have been looking at taking a cruise in future, (after I get a new/used kidney). I’m beyond excited. – Blake S.

We’re Excited to See You Soon!

We are less than 40 days away from setting sail on High Seas Rally 2023. We cannot wait to see you and our dialysis fund guests onboard so soon!