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Rally on the Open Seas

Motorcycle Mojo Magazine, Story by Gwen Roberts // Photos by Gwen & Glenn Roberts

A wild ride at the World’s Only Motorcycle Rally on a Cruise Ship™.

This past year we were a bit anxious to travel and had been patiently waiting to hear if the High Seas Rally was going to set sail after a two-year hiatus.

Just before the pandemic shut the world down, the ownership of the rally changed hands, and the 2022 cruise was the first year that Entertainment Cruise Productions would be presenting the High Seas Rally (HSR), so we were naturally interested to see how it compared to previous HSR cruises and what changes would be made.

Concerts have always been part of the HSR and the bands booked for the 2022 sailing were some of our favourites from past decades – in particular Foghat and Molly Hatchet. Colt Ford, Black Smoke Sinners and a few others rounded out the great music that kept the party going for the week.

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