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Win Cash & Prizes on the 2022 Cruise!

From the moment you board High Seas Rally, there are opportunities to win huge cash prizes,as well as vendor prizes, gifts cards and more while supporting High Seas Rally Dialysis Fund & Wounded Warrior Project!

But, in order to win big, you need to be on the cruise! Your last day to book the 2022 cruise is October 21st and this is the lowest pricing you’re going to get, so don’t wait any longer!

Here’s a look at all the ways to win big on High Seas Rally 2022! You won’t want to miss out on all of this cash and prizes, supporting two amazing causes!

Sailaway Party

We begin the cruise with a kick-ass sailaway party and start giving away cold hard cash immediately with Early Bird, Virgin Bounty, and Group Program drawings.

Welcome Show

That evening is the Welcome Show, with big 50/50 drawings, $2K Stacks, awesome vendor prizes, and more!

Win Big at HSR Theme Nights!

Win Big at HSR Theme Nights!

Pirate Takeover Day

There’s tons of booty ripe for pillaging on Pirate Takeover Day! Not only is lots of loot up for grabs at Pirate Bingo where we have seen over $10,000 given away, we’ll also draw for the Pirate’s Booty 50/50 at the Mutiny on the Pool Deck Party.

Salute to Service Day

On Salute to Service day, we’ll draw for the Salute to Service 50/50, supporting the Wounded Warrior Project right before the Molly Hatchet shows in the Bagger Nation Theater.

Hillbillies on the High Seas

You’ll be able to afford that shiny new trailer if you win big on Hillbillies on the High Seas night, with a poolside drawing for the Moonshine Jug 50/50.

Win this badass custom motorcycle!

Win this badass custom motorcycle!

Then it’s the day we’ve all been waiting for! On the last day of the cruise, everyone has a chance to take home the one-of-a-kind prize: The High Seas Rally Custom Motorcycle by Xavier Muriel of Providence Cycle Worx! Learn more about this badass motorcycle!

As if that’s not enough, we’ll have the High Seas Rally Auction with fantastic artwork and autographed items, and at the Big Giveaway Shows, there’s another 50/50, a big grand prize of $10,000, vendor prizing, and more!

Join us in 2022! Book here!