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Pat Patterson

Pat Patterson back onboard in 2024, this time as one of our four builders for 4-Builders, 4-Bikes presented by Law Tigers. Pat has risen to the top of the customer motorcycle world with his skills and eye for design. He thrives in the Sportster market with his custom bikes, complete product line and unique approach to style.

Pat is the founder of Led Sled Customs which has been featured in nearly every major motorcycle publication in the world with their custom builds. Pat has also led the way in the custom Sportster components and modifications. For the last decade, Pat has focused his attention on the overlooked Sportster market, chopped it up, rebuilt it, and stamped his style all over it.⁠ What began as a hobby trying to fab up his own 1993 Sportster, ended up as a side business out of his 100 sq. ft. garage. Today, Led Sled has produced hundreds of custom bikes and shipped parts to all 50 states and over 80 countries worldwide.⁠ Led Sled Customs is aggressively making the push into the Dealer and Wholesale markets with the primary goals of supplying the highest quality USA made aftermarket Sportster components at the best pricing in the industry.

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