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Mike Rabideau

Mike Rabideau is joining High Seas Rally for the first time in 2024 and will be onboard as one our four builders for 4-Builders, 4-Bikes presented by Law Tigers.

Mike Rabideau is originally from Racine, WI, just south of Milwaukee, and relocated to Las Vegas in 2017. He’s been building bikes f0r close to 20 years now, which started as a hobby and is now his profession. He has a shop on the north side of town not far from The Strip which is appointment only visits. He mainly builds Harley Davidson’s and keeps them simple and clean without adding anything not needed. His style is unique because his builds don’t fit in the basic categories of a bobber or chopper, he likes to refer them as custom motorcycles. He’s been in build offs such as the Hotbike Tours, to Cycle Source’s “in motion show,” and Bornfree in CA. As well as invitationals such as Brooklyn Invitational, Cycle Showcase, Mama Tried, TMMR and The Handbuilt Show. He has a true passion for building motorcycles and it shows in his work, it’s his expression of functional art. He has always considered himself an artist who just loves motorcycles.

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